O Kešidovu

Kešidov products are made in manual workshop in Croatia, in small, limited series. Production is nature-friendly and most of the waste is recycled. Certain parts of the items are made from recycled fabrics while ensuring quality standards of production. All production takes place in terms of ethically correct working and business processes.
We try to use natural materials, but that does not mean we don't use artificial materials now and then, especially as a substitute for the skin, feather and fur. Functionality is the primary feature Kešidov products. Therefore, we welcome all your comments, which can help us improve the quality and usability of handbags, clothes and other items. Note that the colors of the products on the screen and in reality are not (and can not be) completely identical.

Postal address:
- Kešidov -
Put Jamnjaka 24
22000 Šibenik
Republika Hrvatska

Strojevina d.o.o.
Reg.no.: 2665883
OIB: 37427257302
IBAN: HR12 2402006 1100579078
BIC (Swift): ESBC HR 22

Phone: +385(0)22 218-858
E-mail: info@kesidov.com